New Refreshing Makeup and Hair Ideas for your Bridal Makeover
May 01, 2019
By: Monika G.

Have you run out of trending yet unique-looking makeover ideas for your big day? Do you want to look like a diva and let that unique personality of yours stand out while being glammed up for your big bridal affair? Whether you are a trend-setter or a trend-follower→ we have it all covered for you! And not to forget! To ladies who are a bit afraid with the whole heavy bridal makeup look & dramatic hairstyles situation, we have some amazing ideas for you too!

All of these inspirations have been taken from Pinterest - our inspiration guide for everything - makeup, bridal, weddings, and events! If you are on Pinterest too, we would love to connect with you. So follow us on our Pinterest account: ceremonyn

Most of these are trendy ideas, while few are experimental but can be tweaked in our traditional bridal attires.

Look 1: Vintage Bollywood Elegance

We love it when old fashion makes a come-back! And such is the case of this look, or in fact some of the looks we talk about in this blog. Vintage Bollywood Elegance will immediately take you back to the time where Hindi movie stars like Rekha and Jaya used to flaunt their beauty. A simple, sophisticated look where it usually started with a bindi, followed with wide-bold-dark-eyes, and clean or voluminous low hair bun. Sabyasachi’s bridal collection in recent years has also been musing this old vintage simplistic looks on their otherwise, heavily crafted bridal wears. Their styling & makeover make their designs look more iconic & standout and we are just loving it!

This makeover includes low-key minimal (sometimes voluminous) bun, traditional heavy jewellery or minimal jewellery as accessories, dark dramatic eyes, and luscious pouty lips. These are not very heavy on contouring it seems. To make this look more Bridal looking embrace “Chokers” as your bridal jewellery encrusted with bridal gems like Ruby and Emeralds, and matching earrings to go with it. Chokers will help in adding that Bridal touch while accentuating your neck & lovely makeup. If you want to add a touch of boldness in your look like the first picture, you could also try making similar deep neck-lining blouses for your saree or lehenga from the help of your local designer.

Look 2: Old Hollywood Glam

Since we are also talking of uniqueness here, this look is something of a fresh new take on a bridal makeover for Nepalese brides. It is a really minimalistic, simple flowy look which you can opt for your bridal day. It looks a bit like the old Hollywood vintage hair & makeup. Muted lips with shades of nude or a hint of red or maroon, bold winged-eye makeup, minimal jewelry and a wavy looking bun to go can add youthful charm on your face. Big hairstyles usually give very dramatic presence on a majority of brides, and it's not a look that everyone can carry well.

Look 3: Pretty in Pastel - Bride

Tell me if pastels & pinks are your thing and you love soft wavy let down hair on your big day. We for sure think it is a very sweet idea for brides to incorporate this look on any of their functions. This look is charming and indeed a breath of fresh air when it comes to watching the same kind of bridal stylings over and over again. These looks give a more natural appearance & more elegance to those bubbly brides who are full of life!

Let your hair down by gracing off that exotic bindi, or maang-tika as they call it! Or, opt for loose curls or loose hair bun. Minimal but glowy, dewy makeup puts this look together.

Look 4: Sun-kissed bride

Like the name suggests → a sun-kissed look is a very minimal makeup with mostly your bronzer & illuminator (and with a very little blush!). This makeup is subtle but also makes your features stand out and has been adopted by many foreign stars over the years. Make your eyelids pop with shimmery bronzed/ gold shadows with heaps or less amount of kohl, add illuminator to get your features highlighted and just a good amount of warm bronzer. Finally, finish the look with a lipstick of your choice. The look adds so much warmth and a very glowy looking skin even on a bride. It will give you a balanced, polished look even while your whole attire is heavy & sparkly with a ton of jewelry. Big curls or poof-ed hairstyles would also compliment this makeup.

One more tip: Add that extra amount of glow on your look by applying body makeup that shimmers well on your neck and areas that are being exposed. As the shade brown suits almost all skin tones it is something new and needs more real brides to rock this look. A few brides who’ve done their makeover at Arden The Beauty Point have been opting this makeup look and it does look very natural. We feel that anybody can achieve this look if you can describe it well to your makeup artist, or even better when you DIY it! :)

We hope that you find all of these looks & inspirations just as good as we liked researching about them. We will be bringing more trending and unique ideas at the same time, so stay tuned! You can check our list of amazing make-over artists (high end /budgeted ones) to create these looks for you. Also, we would love to hear your take on the beautiful bridal look inspiration. Share with us some of your inspiration feed by letting us know in the comments section. :)

P.S. These tips are not just limited for your bridal days but also can be taken as an inspiration for many of the other special events in your life.

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